1.1. The "Provider" mean TOP PREKLADY, s. r. o., with registered office at Praľská 35, 811 04 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Company ID (IČO): 35 972 351, registered in the Commercial Register at Bratislava I District Court, Section: Sro, File no. 38908/B.
1.2. The "Client" is understood as any physical person or legal entity to which the Provider is providing a service on the basis of an order.
1.3. "Services" are understood as translation and interpretation services, as well as other additional services provided by the Provider on the basis of orders made by the Client (the "Services").
1.4. A business relation between the Client and the Provider is formed on the basis of an order from the Client and on the basis of confirmation of the order by the Provider.
1.5. The conditions of this business relationship can be changed, supplemented or cancelled only upon agreement of both the Client and the Provider.


2.1. By confirming an order, the Client agrees to pay the Provider a fee for the required translation, interpretation or other services.
2.2. Orders must be placed in writing via e-mail or can be delivered by mail or submitted in person. With the consent of the Provider, the Client can also place an order using a different method.
2.3. The Provider accepts any Client's order stating the reference number of the respective quote, the final amount of the order (with or without VAT) and the turnaround time or deadline.
2.4. The Provider will confirm every order in writing or over the phone without any undue delay. The physical pick up of materials to be translated from the Client is also considered to be confirmation of an order for translation services.
2.5. If the Provider does not confirm the receipt of an order or confirms an order with objections to the Client, the business relationship does not arise until an agreement is reached between the parties.
2.6. A business relationship between the Client and the Provider always arises if the Client accepts a proposal from the Provider to change the terms of an order.


3.1. The Provider agrees to provide the Client services in accordance with the conditions specified in the order.
3.2. The Provider agrees to follow the instructions of the Client when providing services to the Client. If the text / recording / speech that is the subject of an order contains specialized or other specific phrases, abbreviations, etc., the Client is obliged to provide the Provider with a list of appropriate terminology in the given language or provide the Provider with other similar materials or provide a responsible person, shown in the order, who can be consulted with regards to such specialized terminology. If action is not taken, any later claims regarding such terminology will not be considered due to this failure.
3.3. The Provider acknowledges that any confidential information obtained in connection with providing the services constitutes trade secret and will refrain from copying and/or providing such confidential information to any third party, with the exception of those third parties who come into contact with such confidential information for the purposes of translation, linguistic editing services or other work with the text, or use them for purposes other than the purposes of service providing without the prior written consent from the Client, except for the application of the legal regulations in force.
4.4. The right to payment arises upon providing the ordered service by the Provider.


4.1. Claims must be applied in writing without any undue delay within 10 working days from the date the service was provided. A claim must include the grounds for a claim and describe the nature of any insufficiencies.
4.2. The Provider is not responsible for any delay or non-delivery of the service in time, if such delay or non-delivery is caused by an obstacle at the Client’s side, force majeure or a third party and such an obstacle could not be predicted by the Provider. If the Provider and the Client agree that the service will be delivered via e-mail and the Client does not receive the ordered service on time, the Client shall immediately notify the Provider about such fact. Otherwise, the Provider is not obliged to accept a complaint about non-compliance with the delivery date.
4.3. If the Provider recognizes a Client's claim as justified, the Provider will secure correction at its own cost.
4.4. The Provider is liable for damages caused by an incorrect translation capped at a limit of twice the price for the amount stated in the order.
4.5. Shall any dispute regarding the assessment of quality arise, the Client and the Provider agree to call in a qualified specialist capable of judgment or take a legal translator’s or interpreter’s opinion.
4.6. If a Client’s order is accepted, the Client can cancel such an order but must compensate the Provider for a portion of the amount agreed corresponding to the already provided portion of the order or a minimum charge of 50% of the entire amount agreed for the interpreting and 20% of the entire amount agreed for other services.


5.1. price list is the reference material used to determine the contracted price. The price list forms an integral part hereof and is available at
5.2. All prices in the price list are in € (Euros) and exclude VAT.
5.3. In case additional services not shown in the price list will be delivered, the price and conditions for such additional services will be defined by a separate agreement between the contracting parties.
5.4. The Provider's compensation for every provided service on the basis of a specific order is due on the basis of an invoice issued by the Provider. The invoice will fulfil any formalities of invoices in accordance with law. The Provider also may require an advance payment. In such case, the Client will be sent a pro-forma invoice upon confirmation of the offer. An invoice in the form of a tax document will be issued after receipt of the amount stated in the pro-forma invoice and upon the service being provided.
5.5. By confirming an order, the Client grants a consent to the Provider to receive invoices for the provided services in an electronic form in accordance with the legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.
5.6. Unless agreed otherwise, the invoices are due within 14 days from the issue date.
5.7. The Client will pay the Provider 0.05% of any outstanding amount for every commenced day of delay with completing payment.
5.8. Any payments from the Client to the Provider are considered paid on the date such payments are credited to the Provider's account or on the date on which the appropriate amount is accepted by the Provider in cash.


6.1. The Client undertakes to refrain from contacting either internal or external subcontractors (translators, interpreters, proofreaders etc.) of the Provider without the express consent from the Provider. If contact takes place between a Client and a subcontractor of the Provider with the Provider's consent, the Client undertakes to refrain from discussing the business terms and conditions of the order.
6.2. The Client is obliged to provide the Provider with cooperation and information necessary to ensure the fulfilment of the subject of the order. If the Client breaches this obligation, the Provider is not liable for any claims made that are related to the breach of this obligation.
6.3. The Provider undertakes to exercise professional care during the fulfilment of the subject of the Contract. The Provider undertakes to follow all generally binding legal regulations, the Client's requests stated in the order and the contractual agreements between the Provider and the Client.


7.1. If these general business terms and conditions do not state otherwise, all matters between the contracting parties are defined pursuant to the legal regulations of the Slovak Republic in force.
7.2. Any and all disputes in the interpretation or execution of any contract will be resolved via mutual negotiations and on the basis of mutual agreement.
7.3. These business terms and conditions are binding.
7.4. Any agreements between the Client and the Provider that deviate from these general business terms and conditions take precedence. The general business terms and conditions of the Provider always take precedence over general business terms and conditions of the Client.
7.5. general business terms and conditions are published online at The online version of these general business terms and conditions are the only authentic version of the General Business Terms and Conditions for TOP PREKLADY, s. r. o.
7.6. These terms and conditions for TOP PREKLADY, s. r. o. are valid and binding for all order parties as of 1 January 2013.
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