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„Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis, ich weiß das sehr zu schätzen!“
„Herzlichen Dank für die rasche Übersetzung!“
„Erhalten und geöffnet, vielen Dank für Ihren Einsatz!“
„Vielen herzlichen Dank, dass Sie es ermöglicht haben, dass ich im Zeitplan bleiben kann!“

Graphic designer, Garden furniture, Austria

„Many thanks!! The file word in that way was perfect for us!!“

Horse equipment from Italy

„Vyborne...ja som vzdy hovoril, ze Slovaci su velmi sikovny!“

CEO/Managing Director, Measurement instrumentation and und collection of Data


CEO, Gold sale, Austria

„Mr. … really does appreciate your work.“

Accountant and Assistance, Audio Solutions

„excellent - thanks a lot ! I enjoy reading meanwhile... :-)“
„you mention excellent points here and this will help us to narrow down useless efforts.“
„Thanks a lot.“
„thanks - all documents now safely recieved, and they look good from our internal audit. Thanks a lot for your professional assistance, I forward the invoice with "OK" to our accountant.“
„it seems that the additional cost seems to be quite low and absolutely acceptable.“
„many thanks - please proceed.“
„thanks _ i get the picture. my best regards and thanks for your flexibility.“

CEO, Services in data processing and IT

„Thank you very much. Work with you it is pleasure for me.“
„Good Morning Thank you for the work! Looks nice. “

„I want to tell you that we check the translations in Slovakian Language - Perfect quality, thank you!“
„I will send you new translations.“
„Hello, Looks nice :-) “
„It is pleasure to cooperate with you.“

Swiss company, Market leader in ECRS Implantology

„I used your service several times in the last couple of month (to my great satisfaction).

Mr. Eliyahu

„Excellent. We confirm.“
„Thank you for your prompt answer.“
„Thank you very much for your effort.“
„Thank you and we'll stay in touch...“

Translation agency from Slovenia

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