We provide various kinds of proofreading depending on your requirements and the type of text:

Linguistic proofreading

Proofreading of the target text (grammar, orthography, style)
Linguistic proofreading is always carried out by a professional, mother-tongued proof reader. If a text is in Slovak, proofreading will be provided by a professional Slovak linguist.

Meaning proofreading

Proofreading comparing the source and target texts
This type of proofreading is normally carried out by an experienced translator mastering both the source and the target language. The translation is checked against the source material to ensure the message is maintained during the transfer from one language to another.

Content proofreading

Proofreading of terminology
Terminology proofreading is usually necessary when dealing with texts of specific topics. Proofreading is carried out by a specialist in the given area, e.g. a medical text is proofread by a doctor-translator.

Pre-press proofreading

Graphic proofreading
Pre-press proofreading includes the elimination of possible errors made during the typesetting or graphic design process. The main purpose is to check how the text looks in a specific graphic environment, and to make final modifications (e.g. splitting words at the end of the line), so that the corrections can be implemented in the final design of the document to be published or printed.

Based on our experience, the proofreading of machine-translated texts is extremely time-consuming, therefore the fee will be adjusted to reflect the regular rates for translation from scratch.
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