Pricelist of Translations (non-certified)

Language groups
Czech English German French
Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Estonian, Finish, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish and others
translation into Slovak 8.64 € 10.97 € 12.34 € 14.97 € individual price
translation from Slovak 9.97 € 12.42 € 13.70 € 15.94 € individual price

The abovementioned prices are per 1 standard page (SP) of source text in standard turnaround time. The prices also include keeping the original text layout of your document. Translation into Slovak service automatically includes the basic proofreading. Prices for more complicated graphic processing and pre-press proofreading of more complex texts and documents will be calculated individually.

Pricelist of Certified Translations (official translations)

Certified translation from / into Czech 18,9 €*
Certified translation from / into English, German, French, Italian, Spanish 22,9 €*
Certified translation from / into Polish, Russian, Hungarian 24,9 €*
Certified translation from / into Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Croatian, Ukrainian, Serbian 26,9 €*
Certified translation from / into other than abovementioned languages or a certified translation between 2 of these languages. individual price
* price for translation of 1 SP (standard page) of target text. We also offer additional discounts for the certified translation of documents such as vehicle registrations, invoices, purchase agreements, diplomas, school, birth, marriage or other certificates, criminal record extracts and many others.

If you need a translation between 2 languages other than Slovak, we are ready to prepare an individual price quote for your document.

Pricelist of Proofreading

Contact us and we will immediately prepare a price quote according to your specific needs and the type of proofreading you require.

Pricelist of Interpreting

Contact us and we will immediately prepare a price quote exactly according to your requirements.

Text Layout and Graphic Processing

Documents which are difficult to read (small letters, handwritten text, poor printing or scanning quality) + 10%
The text is in non-editable format (e.g. scanned document, photo or a document sent by a fax) + 5%
DTP and other graphic processing services (e.g. charts, pictures with description, graphs, layout modifying of scanned documents, translation of a text in graphic files etc.)  10€/ hour
2-4 € / page*
* page = A4 paper format


Discounts for less complicated documents – simple non-technical documents (e.g. e-mail conversation, translation for only informative purposes etc.).

Discounts for some types of documents – such as birth, marriage or school certificates, diplomas, vehicle registration, criminal record extracts etc.

Quantity discounts – offered when you have a larger amount of text for translation (not possible to combine with accumulated discount).

Repetition discounts (texts, which are similar or some parts are repeating) – offered when the text analysis detects that some of your documents are similar or if some parts of one document are repeating; maintaining the consistency is a matter-of-course.

Loyalty (accumulative) discounts – offered to our loyal clients per every order.

Student discounts – offered to students who want to translate documents for school purposes.

All prices are VAT-excluded. Possibility to invoice without VAT for non-payers of VAT.
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