• Consecutive interpreting

    - This is normally used during business meetings. The interpreter is present all the time, takes notes of what the speakers say, and after several sentences provides spoken interpretation in the target language.

  • Simultaneous interpreting

    - Used during events with a larger audience, e.g. conferences. This type of interpretation requires the use of interpretation equipment (soundproof booths, microphones, headphones,etc.). The speaker speaks into the microphone while the interpreter provides their interpretation at the same time. Simultaneous interpretation is highly skilled work; therefore it is always necessary to hire two interpreters who regularly relieve each other.

  • Chuchotage (Whispered interpretation)

    - Chuchotage is a type of simultaneous interpretation, when the speech is interpreted in whisper into the ear of the listener. It does not hinder the meeting, and does not require interpretation equipment, but is very demanding for the interpreter. Chuchotage is mostly used during meetings of two parties or in groups with a small number of participants who do not speak the same language.

  • Personal interpreter

    - A guide for foreign guests, e.g. during a city tour, business lunch or an assistant during a hotel check-in, etc. Interpretation can be consecutive or simultaneous (chuchotage).


  • Court interpreting

    - Its purpose is to ensure that people who do not speak Slovak have access to fair contact with public institutions. Court interpretation is provided by a certified interpreter, and is used during wedding ceremonies, court hearings, or other official events.
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