We will need the following information:
  • What mode of interpretation do you need?
  • Which languages will be interpreted? Do you need a one-way (from language A to language B) or two-way (also from language B to language A) interpreting?
  • What type of interpretation is needed? Is it a conference, a business meeting or a training in a technical field.

Knowing all these facts will help us to choose the most suitable interpreter. If we want to verify his/her availability, we will also need to know the following:
  • Date and time
  • The expected duration
  • Place
  • The formality of the event
  • The number of participants
  • If you will need any additional equipment (interpretation, audio...)
  • the possibility of accommodation and catering of the interpreter

To a large extent, the quality of interpretation depends on the interpreter’s preparation. Therefore, it is very useful to have relevant documents in advance. Please, send us any leaflets, written speeches and lectures, the list of speakers and participants in the meetings, PowerPoint presentations, and so on.
You may contact us via e-mail or by phone:

0948 916 384
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