An official/certified translation may be attached to:
  • The original document;
  • A copy of original certified by a notary public (if a notary stamp is not in the target language then it must be translated, too);
  • A mere copy of the original (or print-out of the scanned document that you send us via e-mail).
For more information on these options, please, click here.

When you approach us with a request for a quote, please provide the following:
  • That you need a certified or official translation (or how many copies you need);
  • The source and the target language (especially important if the source is a multilingual text);
  • If you will deliver the original or a notarial copy;
  • The complete scanned version or hard copy of the document to be translated;
  • The desired date of the translation;
  • If you will come to pick up the translation or if you want us to send it (by mail, courier);
  • Your contact and invoicing details.

Once we have all the necessary information we will prepare a price quote and send it to you for approval. After you confirm the order we will start working on the translation.

To specify your request quicker and easier, please use our quote request.
You may contact us via e-mail or by phone:

0948 916 384
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Did you know that... official translation always needs to be bound with something? law, every new page must be invoiced for an official translation? We try and help you by rounding down the number of pages where possible.

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