What is a standard page?
A standard page is the basic measure that we use to calculate the price of translation or proofreading. One standard page is 1800 characters including spaces, i.e. 30 lines, each with 60 characters. The number of characters is counted automatically in any text editor, e.g. Microsoft Word (Menu Tools Word count Characters including spaces). If you divide this number by 1800, you get the number of standard pages of your text.

Is the quoted price final?
Yes. Unless otherwise specified, the price does not change after the translation has been completed, even if the target text is longer than expected.

Will the translation be in the same format as the source material?
We try our best to stick to the original formatting. If the source text is in an editable format, any graphic modifications are free of charge. If you need pre-press graphic proofreading, please inform us about this in your enquiry and we will price this service as part of your quotation.

Can you provide rush translations?
Yes, of course. We provide same-day, overnight and 24-hour translations, depending on the client's needs. The time needed for translation obviously depends on several factors. The most important is the size of the source text. We need to review the text and calculate the number of standard pages. If you need to know the price of your rush translation, send us the original text and your request asap. Include your phone number so that we can reach you if we have any questions.

In what format will my translation be delivered?
The translation is delivered in any format you like, e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Acrobat Reader, etc. Unless otherwise specified, we stick to the original format or use Microsoft Word.

Do you provide web site translation services?
Yes. To prepare a quotation, please send us all the texts extracted from your web site. Also include the texts which appear for example when a form is sent, etc. As all web sites are different, further information about the localization of your web site can be obtained via our office at +421 910 916 384.
You may contact us via e-mail or by phone:

0948 916 384
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