What is the turnaround time of certified translation? Do you also provide express turnaround time for certified translation?
The turnaround time for translation depends on the volume of your text and the language combination. Our standard turnaround time for a short certified translation (up to 5 standard pages) is 1 - 3 business days. According to your specific needs, we can also provide shorter turnaround times for shorter certified translations, but this kind of service may be the subject of an additional charge. If you do not state your desired turnaround time in the online form, we will prepare a price quote with standard turnaround time.

What is the difference between certified / official translation and notary certification / verification?
  • notary certification / verification: is carried out by a notary and certifies that the copy of the document is identical with the original document
  • certified / official translation: is carried out by certified translator, whose "Translator's Clause" confirms that the certified translation is true and accurate. The translation with the translator's round seal will be attached to the original document.

Certified translation Notary certification
Carried out by: certified translator notary
Purpose: confirms that the certified translation is true and accurate certifies that the copy of the document is identical with the original document
Content: original document + translation + Translator's Clause with a round seal copy of the original document with notary's seal

In what form do you provide certified translations?
Certified translations are provided exclusively in paper form, because the original document is attached to the translation with translator's round seal.

Is the price stated in your quote the final price?
If we have not pointed out that the final price may differ (e.g. due to the increased volume of the translation) earlier, the price in the quote is the final price.
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